Oversized unisex pyjamas in a striped pattern, inspired by Agnes Martin. 

A garment that is elegant, practical, comfortable and durable. 24/7 never-take-off kind of pyjamas.

Made from 100% TENCEL™ - a very soft, breathable material, produced from wood pulp from sustainably managed sources. 

This combo is made to be worn all year round and easy to combine with casual outfits.  Bringing relaxed bedtime feelings to everyday life and ensuring natural comfort for sensitive skin.

Produced as a limited-edition batch, ensuring zero inventory waste. Each pyjama is hand-labelled with a unique number, available in 4 colours.

Pairs well with our Windy Sunday Sweater in Cool Grey for a full Tom Àdam look. 

Only 325 produced in total.

Only 81 available in Ocean Blue.

Batch N.2 Unisex Pyjama - Ocean Blue