"To us, a life shared with good people and filled with beautiful, well-designed objects is a life worth living"

Our mission

“We’re here to take care of all those items that are closest to your skin. Yes, every single one of them”

Pyjamas is the new self-care routine

Just picture the warmth, the absolute sense of calmness and the sweet dream that follows wearing something cozy.

That's the kind of self-care routine we want you to carry around in your everyday life, wherever you go while wearing our extremely soft to the touch garments.


Our garments are produced in small, limited edition batches.

By limiting our production to a set number of pyjama sets, we bring down our waste to zero. By cutting out the middle-man & overproduction, we are able to offer a price that is more affordable than that of high-end luxury brands.


We are striving to create versatile garments to accommodate every moment of your life, throughout each season.

Creating garments that you never want to take off. Tested & made to last for many days in a row.


Who is behind the brand?

Made to last

We are committed to making conscious, beautiful and long-lasting products.

While creating our garments, we are engaged with a slow production chain, leading the way when it comes to transparency in the fashion industry. Using the best possible, sustainable materials we are ensuring the highest quality and creating long-lasting garments that allow you to create soft, long-lasting memories.


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