Talks 02 - with Mona Osterkamp & her music playlist.

The second one in our talks series - Mona Osterkamp, also known as the "Wizard of Gifs". Art Director of Berlin-based jewellery brand Jukserei & a graphic designer in one person. With tracks that Mona is listening to while cycling through the busy streets of Berlin. If you ever wondered what kind of music an Art Director with impeccable taste would listen to in the past month, then this is it.

How did your love story with Berlin start?

Mona Osterkamp: Purely by chance. After living in Hamburg for many years, with 6 marvellous months in Copenhagen in between, I decided it was time for a change. I applied for jobs all over Europe and spontaneously got one in Berlin. At first, I wasn’t too keen about moving to Berlin–I never really understood the hype–and it took me around a year to truly feel at home here. At the moment I can’t really picture myself in any other city though, at least not in Germany (I still have this vague dream of living in Paris, Marseille or New York one day, if only for a few months). But I really enjoy living in a city like Berlin, buzzing with life and culture, that offers so many possibilities and freedom. At the same time, it can also be quite tough sometimes. I would call it an ongoing love-hate relationship.

Tom àdam: What’s your morning routine?

Mona: As a true Pisces, I need a lot of sleep. Meaning I usually don’t have a lot of time in the morning, at least during the week. I get up, get ready, have a sip of juice (currently orange-carrot-ginger, you gotta stay healthy) and hop on my bike to go to work where I most often have breakfast since we get a delicious bread delivery from Albatross Bakery every week. On the weekends I take a lot more time: staying in my pyjama all morning, having breakfast on the sofa and preferably reading a few pages in my cozy new armchair before getting ready to start the day.

Tom àdam: What’s on your reading list at the moment?