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tom àdam was born in 2015 in Paris with the purpose

of creating environmentally friendly garments that allow for ethics and aesthetics to co-exist. 

We’re a family business. Everyone in my family is a part of it.

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Responsibility & Ethics

Every day, 28.000 tons of single-use plastic make their way into our oceans.

We are small, the ocean is big. Yet every choice counts. Our aim is to minimize single-use plastic waste by creating swimwear from recycled ocean plastic, reducing the impact on our environment, one piece at a time.

TOM ADAM by Aiga Ozolina 002020920001.JP

Saving planet with small steps yet meaningful steps

TOM ADAM by Aiga Ozolina 002020920005.JP

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It's a success! It's a small step for a man and a giant leap for the environment.