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The new season calls for unisex pyjamas that can be worn 24/7. Find your next pair, made out of sustainable TENCEL™.


Calmness, versatility, superior comfort, a change. Tom Àdam is a collective of people that stems from family and the idea that wearing a pyjama is something that can be done 24/7.

State of the art pyjamas for the modern lifestyle

We are a community of like minded pyjama lovers who like to indulge in the pleasures of life, while enjoying superior comfort in style.


Batch N.2 Unisex Pyjama

Our best-selling pyjama, sustainability sourced TENCEL™. Available in four classic colour shades.

Men's underwear --- Briefs

Pinnacle of men’s underwear. Softer than anything else on the market. Available in two earthy colours.


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